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2021 A year of recovery for all!

With over 4 million vaccinations under the national belt, we are hoping for a better year this year! Last year was a bad year for everyone, overall most people who have made bookings with us postponed until post-Easter this year, with just the odd one occurring whenever they could last year.

Here at Regent Classics, we remain optimistic, we have a long list of rearranged weddings which are booked and we have made sure that our customers are taken care of.

There are signs that people are looking at arranging weddings later this year, judging by the number of hits on our website and enquiries/ bookings made we are hopeful that this year will be a year of recovery in more ways than one for everyone!

Just to say that when an enquiry is made, we provisionally hold it, but it's not absolute until a deposit is made and booking form received, we only mention this because occasionally existing customers have moved their bookings because of lockdown restrictions and as I say, we always look after our customers who have firmed up thier bookings.

Some enquiries are made by people trying to judge a good time (which is understandable) but then don't recontact us for a number of months when they do so, they can be disappointed because the date has been booked up during the time lapse.

We only mention this because it has been hectic in terms of firming up bookings and rearranging bookings and we do our utmost to please - our small family business depends on our good name, honest reliability and high class customer care.

So if you enquire and decide to book, please place a deposit and booking form with us to confirm your booking, we take a wide range of payment methods, see our pages online " Our Prices and Contact Us" and our "Terms and Conditions" page for more information.

Just to reiterate - we always do our best for our customers and can assure you of good old straight forward one to one customer service! Here's to what will hopefully be a year of recovery for all, better times surely must be ahead!