Regent Classics Booking Form

Customer’s name, address, telephone number, mobile number, email contact details.( Please try to include your mobile as sometimes our return emails can go to your spam folder and we will alway try to text you to confirm we have answered your enquiry)

Date, Time & Location of event

Which car is required? Convertible - Traveller- Saloon-Capri or other vehicle on website? See below for deposit arrangements to confirm booking.

Have you any colours of ribbons/bows in mind? If so please state .

Addresses, postcodes, number of journeys & passengers (note maximum of 3 passengers per car per journey)

Terms and Conditions

1. Any application for a booking needs a deposit; this has to be received before a booking can be confirmed. Any verbal or written booking application will only hold a booking for a maximum of 14 days, giving the applicant time to secure the booking by forwarding a deposit within this timeframe. Deposits made for a booking will be non-refundable. A £99 deposit is required (cash or cheque payable to Regent Classics or preferably by bank transfer (bank account details will made available on provisional booking when this form is submitted). The balance is required to be paid at least one month before the event.

2. Cars are maintained to high standards by highly trained professional classic car specialists, in the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances such as a breakdown, bad weather (for example if a winter wedding is booked) or poor traffic conditions prior to or during your event, Regent Classics will if possible provide a substitute car or provide a full refund should the journey not be completed. We accept no responsibility on the day for such circumstances and will not be held responsible for any inconvenience or disappointment caused. Please note for your reassurance that we will always strive to overcome such occurrences to the very best of our ability, (one particular year snow in January was heavy) however, in the many years of operating we have never been delayed yet but we feel compelled to clarify to this to customers. We always plan timings to allow comfortable scheduling (based upon the customers details given to us) on the day.

3. Smoking is not permitted in the cars; the maximum numbers of passengers per car is 3 (plus driver) total 4 in a car and if booster seats for children passengers are required, please let us know as these can be supplied.

4. It is the responsibility of the person making the booking to supply all accurate details relating to this booking, we strive to provide an excellent service but we rely upon the accuracy of information given to us.

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Note to applicant, you can copy and paste this form ito an email if you wish.Please add your mobile number if you can please.